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Member briefing: Understanding long COVID

02 December 2020

This briefing from the NHS Confederation provides an overview of what is currently known about long COVID, including the symptoms, incidence among people who have been infected with COVID-19 and how the government and NHS are responding.

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Member briefing: The use and supply of PPE in primary care

02 April 2020

This joint briefing by NHSCC and the NHS Confederation’s PCN Network highlights the key points for primary care from guidance published on 2 April 2020 which clarifies the type of PPE required for different circumstances.

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Member briefing: How CCGs can support their Primary Care Networks and practices in light of Covid-19

20 March 2020

This briefing, aimed at CCGs and PCN clinical directors, outlines the actions CCGs should be taking as part of their planning for primary care in the coming weeks and months, at both PCN and general practice level.

This briefing reflects the guidance from NHS England and NHS Improvement, as well as feedback from members of NHS Clinical Commissioners and the NHS Confederation’s PCN Network.

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