Supporting change in your NHS

The NHSCC lay members network, working in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement, have produced a short infographic which outlines how the non executive community – CCG lay members and trust non-executive directors (NEDs) – can support the delivery of integrated care systems (ICSs) and sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs).

Supporting change in your NHS

This highlights five ways in which the non-executive community can support the development of these systems:

  • Provide independent challenges of strategic changes and decision-making
  • Act as a conduit for the views of patients, taxpayers and the wider public
  • Ensure high standards of probity and governance for decisions reached
  • Support effective governance both within the organisation and across the wider system
  • Bring experience and skills from other sectors

Significantly, we also outline ways by which leaders can support non-executive community involvement:

  • By reviewing system governance arrangements to ensure the non-executive community are integral to the process
  • Support the establishment of local regional non-executive community netwokrs
  • Create meaningful opportunities for NED and lay member representation

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