STP checklist for governance and engagement

stp-checklist_tiltIn partnership with NHS Confederation, National Voices and the Centre for Public Scrutiny, we have launched a new resource to support those delivering change within their Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) footprints to work through key governance and accountability challenges.

STPs provide an important opportunity to drive system-wide collaboration and require collective decision making but do not change the statutory responsibilities of individual organisations, raising important questions on how governance and engagement can be managed.

The new checklist, which will be useful for CCG lay members, provider non-executive directors, councillors, the voluntary sector, and other community partners, sets out a series of questions that can be asked locally and within boards to support effective discussion and decision-making across a place.

The questions cover four key categories:

  • Governance, scrutiny and accountability
  • System-wide control totals
  • Public engagement
  • Partnerships and collaborative working

Read our press release and download the resource below.

Download PDF