New tool to support conversations about CCG mergers with local government


Many CCGs are planning to merge in 2020 or beyond, and although what this looks like in each local area will vary, the guidance from NHS England and NHS Improvement states that newly merged CCGs should cover the same geographical area as the upper-tier county council or unitary local authority. All CCGs that are applying to merge must show that “they have effectively consulted with the relevant local authority(ies) regarding the proposed merger” and have a record of the feedback they receive.

NHS Clinical Commissioners and Local Government Association have developed an interactive discussion guide to assist CCGs and local government colleagues to have open conversations and identify any issues that may arise. This guide was produced in response to feedback from our members around some of the challenges that areas have had keeping local authorities (and elected members) involved and sighted on the merger process.

If your CCG is considering a merger in April 2021, why not come to our mergers event on 19 March in Birmingham?


18 December 2019

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