Advancing population health management

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Population health management (PHM) – the use of data to identify specific groups within a population that may have similar characteristics and similar needs, and develop targeted interventions to meet those needs – was a notable theme of the NHS Long Term Plan. But it’s something that clinical commissioners have been doing for some time.

Advancing population health management brings together PHM stories from ten different areas of England Рled by clinical commissioners Рto demonstrate the progress that has been already been made in advancing this approach to healthcare, and what more will need to be done.

It shows that clinical commissioners are a key enabler of population health management approaches because they are well-connected across primary care and secondary care, with strong clinical leadership embedded in real-world practice. However, we also identified some real challenges around information governance and data sharing between organisations. There are already some examples of where PHM is making a positive difference to patients, as well as wider benefits such as increased satisfaction among frontline clinical teams and closer collaboration between organisations.

This report clearly demonstrates that, while CCGs are at different stages of the PHM journey and may be approaching it in different ways, those who are going down this route are seeing the benefits and providing useful learnings for others to follow.

13 February 2020

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