Policy briefings and publications

Supporting strategic commissioning: Collaborative working between CCGs and AHSNs

25 May 2017

NHSCC and the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) have published a joint report  Supporting strategic commissioning: Collaborative working between CCGs and AHSNs. This report shows how collaboration between CCGs and AHSNs can bring positive benefits to local patients and populations.

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Excellence in commissioning diabetes care

27 April 2017

This publication showcases examples of where clinically led commissioning is changing the way diabetes care is commissioned and improving people’s lives. It also draws out lessons from those involved in the projects to share and embed for the future.

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Shaping healthy cities and economies: The role of clinical commissioning

14 December 2016

Shaping healthy cities and economies: The role of clinical commissioning demonstrates the positive contribution that clinical commissioners are making to their local economies. It showcases how clinical leaders in England’s core cities – the eight largest cities outside of London – are looking at how the services they commission can improve not only the health but social and economic wellbeing of their populations.

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Lessons in leadership from women clinical commissioners

07 December 2016

Lessons in leadership from women clinical commissioners provides advice based on the experience of women CCG leaders at the top of their careers. It includes practical examples from these women on the skills, values, and behaviours that helped them to succeed in their own roles, as well as tips on supporting the next generation of female clinical commissioning leaders.

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STP checklist for governance and engagement

22 November 2016

In partnership with NHS Confederation, National Voices and the Centre for Public Scrutiny, we have launched a new resource to support those delivering change within their Sustainability and Transformation Plan footprints to work through key governance and accountability challenges.

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The future of commissioning

20 October 2016

NHSCC have published a paper setting out our vision for the future of clinical commissioning. Informed by interviews with CCG leaders and other key players in the health and care sector, The future of commissioning is clear that we will continue to see an evolution in the commissioning system but that it remains a vital part of the health system that is focused on delivering for patients and local populations.

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Making Difficult Decisions: Commissioning healthcare in times of change

28 September 2016

NHS Clinical Commissioners has launched a new publication in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, which sets out factors that can enable CCGs to successfully command the confidence of the public, patients, local politicians and other key stakeholders when making changes. It draws on both academic research and practical insight from commissioners, patient groups and NHS England.

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NHSCC briefing on the NHS Shared Planning Guidance

23 September 2016

NHSCC have produced a members-only briefing on the 2017-2019 NHS Operational Planning and Contracting guidance

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Support from the Start: Commissioning for early intervention in mental ill health

12 September 2016


Support from the Start: Commissioning for early intervention in mental ill health  showcases four projects where CCGs and their partners are tackling the challenge of early intervention and draws out tips from the commissioners and practitioners involved in their development and delivery.

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Stepping up to the place: The key to successful health and care integration

15 June 2016

Our report in partnership with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, Local Government Association and NHS Confederation, outlines for the first time a comprehensive vision of how and why health and care services should be integrated and provided locally.

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