Nurses Forum

The NHSCC Nurses Forum is the independent voice for the commissioning nurse.

The purpose of the Nurses Forum is to support members understand and fully navigate the system changes and ensure that commissioning nurse voice is heard at every level of policy making within the NHS.

The functions of the Nurses Forum are:

  • To act as the independent voice for the commissioning nurse providing strategic direction
  • To influence national policy relevant to the commissioning of services and/or related to members’ roles
  • To disseminate relevant information to the wider forum on a regular basis to improve networking and development.
  • To share learning between members and provide a safe space to discuss issues affecting them.

Full meetings of the forum are held on a quarterly basis. During these meetings we hold shared learning sessions to hear about best practice from across the country and hear from national and local colleagues on policy issues affecting CCG nurses.

Find out more about the Nurses Forum in our video below.


In 2018 we launched an infographic that showcases the expertise and insight that the executive commissioning nurses can bring for patients, populations and the system, which will be crucial to implementing patient centred care as the NHS moves towards integrated care systems.

The forum published a document in May 2016 on The role of the nurse on the CCG governing body. This outlines the nurse role, looks at how this has evolved from what was initially envisioned, and contains a series of top tips for making this work for both the CCG and the nurse.

The Nurses Forum has two co-chairs: Dr Marion Andrews-Evans, Executive Nurse & Director for Quality, Gloucestershire CCG; and Jo Harding, Director of Quality and Safety (Governing Body Nurse), Leeds CCG.

For more information and to get involved in our Nurses Forum, please email