Lay Members Network

Jason StampThe Lay Members Network is the national membership network for CCG governing body lay members. It is chaired by Jason Stamp, and offers access to and support from lay members across the country.

It provides a unique opportunity for CCG lay members to share the experiences and challenges of their crucial role in CCG governing bodies and local best practice approaches in a safe space. The network gives lay members a national voice to influence relevant policy development as well as supporting the professional development of lay members.

Priority work areas

Earlier in 2019 we held a webinar for our network members ensure their valuable contribution in the merger process is heard. The webinar provided an opportunity for members to hear from a lay member from a recently merged CCG and technical information on the process was provided by NHS England.

Another area of work has been ensuring that the value lay members can bring to the evolving commissioning landscape is recognised and utilised by STP, ICS and ICO leadership.

Supporting change in your NHS, released at Confed 2018, outlines five ways in which the non-executive community can support the development of these structures.


The Lay Members Network has produced the following briefings:

  • In partnership with NHS Confederation, National Voices and the Centre for Public Scrutiny, we produced a resource to support those delivering change within their Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) footprints to work through key governance and accountability challenges. (2018)
  • Supporting change in your NHS: The non-executive community in transformational change– a joint publication from NHSCC, NHS England and NHS Improvement, following on from two events focused on how lay members and NEDs can contribute to the integration and transformation of their local health communities. (2017)
  • Maximising the lay member role in CCGs– a guide to support CCG leaders, board members, and the wider system, to gain the maximum benefit from the contributions of their lay members. (2016)
  • Engaging the public in difficult decisions about health service changewhich sets out how CCGs can engage the public in challenging decisions about healthcare transformation. (2015)

The Lay Members Network has also produced three checklists to support CCGs and lay members on different aspects of the lay member role. These are:

Checklist for professional development of CCG lay members

For more information on how to get involved, please email