NHSCC Leadership offer

We are offering our members professional development to help them as leaders effectively deliver enduring transformation and integration that meets the healthcare needs of their local populations.

We currently have several offers including:

Commissioning Capability Programme

NHSCC has collaborated with NHS England on the Commissioning Capability Programme, which provides tailored support delivered through place-based solutions to equip commissioners with the skills to deliver on both the challenges of today and tomorrow. The programme is focussed on responding to the evolving needs of commissioning organisations, with co-production as a key design principle.

NHS Clinical Commissioners has supported the delivery of the overarching objective of Module 1 of the Commissioning Capability Programme (CCP) with two separate offers, which aimed to consolidate and help CCP participants reflect on their learning from the wider programme.  Our two separate offers have been aimed at CCGs taking part in the CCP programme in 2018.

These offers are:

  1. Peer ‘buddying’ for CCG leaders and other governing body members who have been on the CCP, meet specific criteria and have opted in and matched with a buddy.
  2. Peer Learning Events to support resilience for CCGs

The learning events offer has now finished, however the peer buddying programme is ongoing and offers CCGs a pool of specially recruited and trained peers, sourced from the CCG community, to provide peer to peer support. The CCGs are provided with confidential advice following on from the CCG’s capability and capacity and leadership review outcomes.

We’re currently looking for buddies. To find out more, please read this comprehensive guide

If you’d like to be trained as a ‘buddy’, or if you’re interested in finding out more about NHSCC’s role in the CCP, please contact Robert Kidney, Senior Policy and Delivery Manager, r.kidney@nhscc.org

Peer Support Offer for Local Systems

We have worked with Local Government Association (LGA), NHS Pro­viders and the NHS Confederation to develop a uniquely sector-led approach which offers support for sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and local systems which voluntarily seek help from within the sector.

Our offer of support is based on using senior, expe­rienced and credible peers who either work within the NHS and social care organisations or have very recent experience of leading and supporting local system working.

We can offer your local system leadership bespoke support comprising of the following options, however we will flex our approach as far as possible to meet local needs:

  1. STP/local system health and care peer challenge
  2. Facilitated integration workshop and other bespoke workshops
  3. Peer-to-peer support
  4. Peer mentoring

For more information about this offer please see this comprehensive guide.

Care and Health Improvement Programme

 In collaboration with LGA, we have developed elements of the Care and Health Improvement Programme.

This support spans every step of the journey towards developing a fully integrated health and care system. It builds on our years of experience supporting systems across the country, and seeks to support local systems to implement the shared vision described in ‘Shifting the Centre of Gravity’.

The offer includes workshops and bespoke onsite support delivered by experienced system leaders from health, local government and social care who are able to identify where you are now and what more you need to do to accelerate the scale and pace of progress. There is also a wide selection of tools, guidance and good practice examples. This support falls broadly into three themes:

  • Leadership, governance and programme management: More information and listings for upcoming events can be found here
  • integrated commissioning, including implementing Integrated Commissioning For Better Outcomes framework, and care model development
  • integrated finances, and resource allocation to maximise impact on wellbeing.

For more information on the Care and Health Improvement Programme please contact Sara Bainbridge, Head of Policy and Delivery, s.bainbridge@nhscc.org

NHS Confederation regional support

NHSCC is part of the NHS Confederation, who have established a new regional team to support the move towards more integrated working across health and care. The team will work with system leaders to identify how best to support peer learning and spread good practice on integration.

They will be creating seven regional integration networks to work on system and place-based issues with sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) and integrated care system (ICS) leaders, programme directors, and members of STP/ICS partnership boards.

For further information about the networks and the support they will provide, please contact Laura Langridge, senior programme manager, at Laura.Langridge@nhsconfed.org

For more information on any of these leadership offers, please get in touch with us via office@nhscc.org