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New commissioning guidance on over the counter items that should not routinely be prescribed in primary care

29 March 2018

The NHS England board have today approved new guidance to curb routine prescriptions for over the counter medicines for minor, short-term conditions, many of which will cure themselves or cause no long-term effect on health, such as those for constipation and athletes foot. The guidance published and distributed to CCGs is the result of the joint public consultation that NHSCC ran with NHS England.  It is estimated that this new guidance could release as much as £136 million each year for CCGs to reinvest in other services.

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Mental Health Commissioners Network welcome CQC report on child and adolescent mental health services

08 March 2018

Today the Care Quality Commission (CQC) published ‘Are we listening?’, an independent review of quality and access across mental health services for children and young people. Responding to the report Dr Phil Moore, Chair of the NHS Clinical Commissioners Mental Health Commissioners Network and Vice Chair of NHS Kingston CCG said:

“We welcome CQC’s new report, ‘Are we listening?’, that highlights the problems that we are already well aware of, and the complexity and fragmentation of the whole children and young people’s mental health system.”

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NHSCC respond to Pulse's investigation on referral incentive schemes

28 February 2018

“Any initiative or scheme that aims to manage referrals from primary care to secondary care must of course put patients, not finances, at the heart of decisions and should be about making sure referrals are appropriate and not just about reducing the number.”

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NHSCC respond to RCGP report on referral management centres

26 February 2018

“We agree with the RCGP conclusion that any referral support initiatives should put patients, not finances, at the heart of decisions. Referral support can play an important role in providing clarity for GPs, hospital doctors and patients for treatments where criteria may apply due to difficult prioritisation decisions that commissioners sometimes have to make.”

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Mental Health Commissioners Network welcomes clear steer from NHS England on how money intended for mental health will be monitored and validated

08 February 2018

The New NHS England planning guidance ‘Refreshing NHS Plans 18/19’ outlines new deliverables for mental health.  It states that every CCG must meet the Mental Health Investment Standard from 2018/19, and this investment will have to be validated by CCG’s auditors. This funding should be used to continue to deliver the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health, and Future in Mind.

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NHS planning guidance set welcome intention to continue to integrate, but still some tough times ahead to deliver transformation

02 February 2018

Responding to the release of the Refreshing NHS Plans 18/19 NHSCC co-chair Dr Graham Jackson said:

“We all know that this year is going to be incredibly challenging for everyone involved in planning and delivering health and care so it is good to see Refreshing NHS Plans 18/19 maintain the direction of travel towards an integrated system based around a place, as well as adding some much needed money into CCG allocations and the wider system. Our members are clear that integration is the right approach for our patients and for the sustainability of the NHS.”

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NHSCC statement on the result of the Department of Health and Social Care consultation on the availability of gluten-free foods on NHS prescription

01 February 2018

Responding to the publication of the formal government response to the consultation on “Availability of gluten-free foods on NHS prescription”, which concluded that only gluten-free bread and mixes would be available on NHS prescription, NHS Clinical Commissioners Chief Executive Julie Wood said:

“In a time when NHS resources are stretched to their limit, we believe that this is a missed opportunity to release the whole of the £22m that is currently spent on gluten free products that could be spent on frontline NHS services. While our members would have preferred the Department to go have gone further and removed the availability of all gluten free products on prescription, we welcome the decision that does limit a significant proportion of the current spend.”

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Learning from the vanguards: New publications launched

31 January 2018

As the national new care models programme comes to an end, it is time to consider its legacy and ensure the lessons learned are shared with the rest of the health and care system. As part of the programme 50 vanguard sites across the country have made great strides in transforming health and care services in line with the ambitions set out in the Five year forward view.

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Effective commissioning approaches to delivering NHS Continuing Healthcare in new NHSCC publication

25 January 2018

NHSCC have launched a new publication which suggests ways in which the provision of NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) in local areas can be improved for the benefit of patients and commissioners and shares some of the approaches that have been developed by local CCGs which have proved to be effective in delivering their CHC commitments.

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New NICE guidance supports potential cost savings

23 January 2018

NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) and The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) welcome the publication today of guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) which, we believe, can help to secure better value from the significant funds currently being spent on treating wet age related macular degeneration (AMD).

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