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NHS Clinical Commissioners respond to NAO report on NHS financial sustainability

18 January 2019

Responding to the NAO report on financial sustainability in the NHS, Julie Wood, chief executive of NHS Clinical Commissioners, said:

“We recognise the overall findings from the NAO that the NHS’s current financial situation is unsustainable. Even though CCGs delivered an unprecedented level of efficiency savings in 2017/18 – 3.1% of their allocations, equating to over £2bn – due to systemic pressures they are increasingly financially challenged.”

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Increased funding is welcome, but there are considerable challenges ahead for CCGs

11 January 2019

Responding to the NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance and CCG allocations for 2019/20 to 2023/24, Dr Graham Jackson, co-chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners and Clinical Lead of Buckinghamshire ICS, said: “The Long Term Plan for the NHS has set out the importance of primary, community and mental health services so it is reassuring to see the focus on these in the planning guidance, as well as an emphasis on system working. Payment processes are an important enabler for increased collaborative working so our members will be pleased to see this included.”

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NHS Long Term Plan sets right direction, but support is essential to fulfil ambitious plan

07 January 2019

Today NHS England has published its Long Term Plan for the NHS, which provides a blueprint for healthcare in England over the next ten years.

Commenting on the Long Term Plan, Dr Graham Jackson, co-chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners and Clinical Lead of Buckinghamshire ICS, said:

“Today’s NHS Long Term Plan rightly focuses on developing an integrated NHS that is sustainable and works efficiently and effectively for patients, with prevention and self-care at the core. This is something that CCGs have been working towards, with colleagues, for some time now and are ambitious to achieve as it is the right thing for our populations.”

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NHS England release 2019/20 Operational Planning Guidance

21 December 2018

Dr Barbara Rushton responds to the NHS England 2019/20 Operational Planning Guidance “We’re pleased to see first steps towards reform of planning, financial and payment structures that support and incentivise collaboration across local areas, rather than focus on individual organisational balance at the expense of the system.”

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Mental health trailblazers could make "huge difference" to lives of young people

20 December 2018

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New schools-based mental health support teams have been announced across 25 “trailblazer” sites in England. Responding to the announcement, Dr Phil Moore, chair of NHSCC’s Mental Health Commissioners’ Network, said: “The provision of trained mental health support teams located in schools and colleges recognises that tackling mental health problems is not something that can be done by the NHS alone, and is a welcome step towards integration across a place.”

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NHSCC respond to NAO report on role and costs of CCGs

18 December 2018

A new report on the role and costs of CCGs published by the National Audit Office today provides a useful history of commissioning in the NHS and a look at the future role of commissioners. Julie Wood, chief executive of NHSCC, said: “Although there is a mixed picture, today’s report highlights the good work that is happening in many parts of the country to deliver positive health outcomes, especially in these challenging financial times when clinical commissioning groups are having to do more with less.”

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Positive progress has been made towards collaborative commissioning at system level

14 December 2018

NHS trusts and commissioners have a strong appetite for working together more collaboratively to improve the way they deliver services for their local populations, according to a new report from NHS Clinical Commissioners and NHS Providers.

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NHSCC respond to Independent Review of the Mental Health Act

06 December 2018

Responding to the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act, Dr Phil Moore, chair of NHSCC’s Mental Health Commissioners’ Network and Deputy Chair of NHS Kingston CCG, said: “The Independent Review of the Mental Health Act presents a fundamental shift in mental health care, putting service users at the heart of making decisions about the care they receive.”

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Evidence Based Interventions Programme: Implementation guidance published

29 November 2018

Following yesterday’s NHS England board meeting, new implementation guidance was published today relating to the 17 items considered in the Evidence Based Interventions (EBI) programme. We have been working in collaboration with NHS England, NICE, CQC, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the relevant Royal Colleges on this important area of work for commissioners and the wider health system.

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NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners launch further consultation on prescribable items of low priority for NHS funding

28 November 2018

At the NHS England board meeting today, our new joint consultation with NHS England was published. The consultation contains recommendations on 8 new items which have the potential to release £68m per year to spend on higher priority areas.

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