NHSCC welcomes Health and Social Care Committee report on legislative proposals

NHS Clinical Commissioners today welcomes a report from the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee on the legislative proposals required to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan.

NHSCC submitted a response to the inquiry and Julie Wood, chief executive of NHSCC, gave evidence to the Committee in April, representing the views and experiences of our members.

Photo of Julie Wood, chief executive of NHS Clinical CommissionersResponding to the report, Julie Wood said:

“The Health and Social Care Committee report on the proposed legislative changes will help to further the drive towards integration and support further collaborative working. It rightly recognises that collaboration doesn’t just mean different organisations within the NHS working more closely but that it is important for local government to be involved too – so it’s positive that this is included in the Committee’s report.

“More collaborative working does not mean the end of commissioning, in fact the planning and procuring of patient services will be as important as ever and we are one of many organisations who are in agreement  that there is neither a need nor an appetite for a top-down reorganisation of the NHS. Clinical commissioners will continue to play a significant part in integrated care systems, and ICS development should allow flexibility for local systems to make decisions that will meet the needs of their populations, with transparency and accountability.

“The Committee echo the concerns our members have around procurement processes ‘adding costs and complexity without corresponding benefits for patient and taxpayers’, so we are reassured to see this acknowledged.

“We are pleased that the evidence we presented to the committee on behalf of our members has evidently been taken on board. We are eager to continue working with the committee, NHS England and NHS Improvement, the Department for Health and Social Care and other partners to ensure that any legislative change is fit for purpose for the whole of the health system.”


24 June 2019