NHSCC welcome and support Sir John Oldham report

Today sees the launch of “One Person, One Team, One System” a report by John Oldham’s Independent Commission for the Labour party into health and social care policy.

NHSCC welcomes and supports its conclusions;

  • We do not need a new Health and Social Care Reform Act
  • We do not need to change the local commissioning structure for NHS care by giving it to local government.
  • We do not need a new reorganisation of NHS structures

The report clearly recognises that any re-shaping of services should not be top-down.

Furthermore it recommends the empowerment of Health and Wellbeing boards, so they can form the basis of a sound, jointly agreed commissioning plan for people with multiple problems.

Dr Amanda Doyle, Co Chair of the NHSCC Leadership group said, “The system is very new and there have been challenges which have impacted our members. However, even at this early stage there are some very good examples of excellent collaborative working through Health and Wellbeing Boards. This needs to happen system wide across the country”

On the subject of Primary Care Commissioning the report goes on to recommend the development of joint arrangements between NHS England, CCGs and Health and Wellbeing boards with the requirement of aligning primary care commissioning to local objectives.

Dr Doyle added, “NHSCC has been calling for an urgent move to joined up working on Primary Care Commissioning for quite some time. In fact we have gone further, re assuring system leaders that there are simple checks and balances that could be put in place to ensure transparency. As such we support this recommendation as well”.

04 March 2014

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