New report published to help realise the potential of local partnerships for the benefit of patients

A Shared Agenda

Realising the potential of local partnerships

NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) have published “A Shared Agenda – creating an equal partnership with CCGs in health and wellbeing boards” to share the views and thoughts of CCGs on the development and direction of health and wellbeing boards (HWBs), as well as their ambitions for future joint working.

Written as a result of wider feedback and in depth interviews with NHSCC members, ‘A Shared Agenda’ shows that CCGs believe in the potential of HWBs as the place that can bring together the NHS, local government and other key players in the health and care system to find the right solutions for their patients and local populations. It also highlights that HWBs are still very much in development, and need time to grow and mature, but they are not commissioning bodies.

The clinical expertise that CCGs bring are a critical and central role on HWBs, and one that is vital if integrating health and social care across the NHS and local government is going to become a reality, but what we found is that many HWBs are still trying to understand their role and the role of the CCGs on it.

RESIZED amanda doyle 1 MayDr Amanda Doyle, co-chair of NHSCC and Chief clinical Officer of NHS Blackpool CCG, said “Clinical commissioners are part of the fabric of their local communities. To Health and Wellbeing Boards we bring a practical, day-to-day health commissioning perspective. As GPs we have considerable knowledge of the communities we service and can also tap into the breadth of patient knowledge from within our own membership”

A Shared Agenda is an attempt to highlight some of the barriers that are holding HWB’s back and to learn from the areas where it is working well to ensure there is an equal partnership that delivers for patients.


Dr Tim Moorhead, Chair of NHS Sheffield CCG, is one of a number who co-chair their Tim MoorheadHWB, sums it up when he says “It’s about having a common goal – the health and wellbeing of people in this city. On some issues GPs have more credibility and on others councillors have the credibility. If we stand together we have a greater chance of success”


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