NHS England release 2019/20 Operational Planning Guidance

Responding to the NHS England Preparing for 2019/20 Operational Planning and Contracting guidance,  Dr Barbara Rushton co-chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners and Clinical Chair of South Eastern Hampshire CCG said:Barbara Rushton

“Our members are clear that integration and collaboration across system and place is the right way to go.  We’re pleased to see first steps towards reform of planning, financial and payment structures that support and incentivise collaboration across local areas, rather than focus on individual organisational balance at the expense of the system. We hope for further detail on such reform in the forthcoming long term plan.

Although for the NHS as a whole the additional funding is positive, there may still be a considerable challenge in those local areas which lose out as a result of the changes to the allocation formulae.

“We welcome an increase to overall CCG allocations but our members are concerned that much of this additional budget may have already been spent on specific programmes and is therefore unavailable to direct based on assessment of population need. With confirmation that there will need to be a 20% reduction in admin budgets as well, this means that clinical commissioners will have to continue to do more for less and make difficult decisions on availability of services within their local area to ensure the best value for the patients and local populations they serve.”

Friday 21 December