NHS Clinical Commissioners responds to Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View

Graham-JacksonCommenting on the NHS’ Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View Dr Graham Jackson, Co-chair NHS Clinical Commissioners and Clinical Chair of NHS Aylesbury Vale CCG said: “We welcome the next iteration of the Five Year Forward View and are pleased to see recognition of how far clinical commissioning has come since its publication in 2014. Strong strategic clinical commissioning is critical if we are to do our best for patients and communities and it must continue to be supported.

“This plan doesn’t shy away from the challenges that the NHS as a whole is facing or the difficult decisions that the whole system will have to make to ensure the much needed transformation happens in order to provide patients with the best possible outcomes within the resources that we have.

“We are pleased by the support being offered in relation to our work in identifying medicines and other items of low clinical value that we should not be spending the NHS pound on as it can be better used elsewhere. The NHS can and does provide high quality cost effective care, but our ability to continue to do so will be restricted if we can’t prioritise those areas which will get the best outcomes for patients, whilst getting the best value for our limited NHS budget. The national level support being offered around this will help us to do this.”

julie-wood_websiteJulie Wood, Chief Executive, NHS Clinical Commissioners continued: “CCGs are keen to continue playing a key role as architects of the changing landscape. As we have already said in our Future of commissioning paper it is important that we ensure that through this evolution, the critical benefits that have been brought by CCGs with their combination of credible clinical leadership, expertise and knowledge of the communities they serve, are not lost.

“We welcome the clarity offered by today’s plan, which has the potential to support the evolution of the clinical commissioning system in the way we and our members have been calling for. We are pleased that NHS England have committed to work with us and other key partner organisations to ensure we get the development of STPs and the policy framework in which they operate right in the context of the current statutory arrangements.”

Amanda Doyle 20160428NHSCC Co-chair and Chief Clinical Officer of Blackpool CCG Dr Amanda Doyle said: “We welcome the positive focus that the Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View  has on improving the core areas of primary care, urgent care, cancer and mental health. These are all key priorities for our members who are working hard to make improvements in these for their patients and populations. That said, they are not the only areas we need to deliver on and CCGs have an ever increasing number of competing demands on their budgets. We do need to be realistic and open and honest with the public about what the NHS can and cannot be expected to deliver within its current financial settlement.”

31 March 2017