NHSCC and LGA publish a new tool to support conversations about CCG mergers

NHS Clinical Commissioners and Local Government Association have developed an interactive discussion guide to assist clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and local government colleagues to have open conversations and identify any issues that may arise as CCGs prepare to merge.

The NHS Long Term Plan recommended that integrated care systems (ICSs) will cover the whole country by April 2021, and that there would be ‘typically’ one CCG for each ICS. This means that some CCGs are thinking about merging to match their local system footprint. Around 20 CCGs have been approved to merge in April 2020, with more expected to merge by April 2021.

The discussion guide, which was developed in response to member feedback, will support the requirement from NHS England and NHS Improvement that CCGs that are applying to merge must show effective consultation with the local government regarding the proposed merger. It includes questions for CCGs to consider as well as questions that local government should ask their merging CCGs.

Download the discussion guide.

18 December 2019