Maximising the lay member role in CCGs

We have today launched a new guide to support CCG leaders, board members, and the wider system, to gain the maximum benefit from the contributions of their lay members.

Drawing on a national survey conducted by NHSCC of almost 200 CCG lay members from 144 CCGs, the guide was developed by the NHSCC Lay Members Network.

Susanne HasselmannChair of the Lay Members Network and governing body lay member at South Eastern Hampshire CCG, Susanne Hasselmann, said: “Lay members bring a wealth of experience at senior or board level and play a pivotal role in ensuring that governance is maintained and CCGs make the best possible decisions for patients.”

“The lay member role has developed since CCGs were first set up, particularly as CCGs are taking on more responsibility for commissioning primary care services. Aimed at CCGs, NHS England, Department of Health and other national decision makers, this new guide reflects the experiences and views of lay members and highlights a number of ways to develop and make the best use of this important role.”

Susanne added “As the guide makes clear, lay members bring an essential independent perspective to the CCG governing body – being separate from its day to day running gives them a unique view of the organisation and therefore a valuable perspective that will help the CCG and the services it delivers for patients and local populations”

LMR_clipThe publication sets out a number of top tips and opportunities to support maximising the lay member role in CCGs – including.

  • CCGs should ensure that lay members are given comprehensive inductions
  • CCGs should provide job descriptions that clearly specify the essential and core duties of lay members and associated time commitments
  • NHS England, the Department of Health and other national decision makers should consider and develop appropriate national training, resources, and development packages for lay members.
  • Lay members should seek feedback from other governing body members on how they see their performance to ensure their ongoing development and career progression.

You can read  ‘Maximising the lay member role in CCGs’ here.

19 January 2016