Major areas of health need urgent action, the NHS Confederation tells the new Prime Minister

NHSCC and our colleagues across the NHS Confederation group have come together to tell the new Prime Minister that there is much ‘unfinished business’ for the new government to resolve in the health and care sector.

The manifesto and letter were produced in collaboration with the NHS Confederation, Mental Health Network, Independent Healthcare Providers Network as well as the Northern Irish and Welsh Confederations – representing over 500 organisations across the UK.

Together, we are calling on the Prime Minister to support the NHS on its decade-long journey towards an integrated health and care system, as well as to deliver extra investment for new buildings and infrastructure, social care and address major gaps in NHS staffing.

Photo of Julie Wood, chief executive of NHS Clinical CommissionersJulie Wood, chief executive of NHS Clinical Commissioners, which is part of the NHS Confederation, said

“We would urge the Prime Minister to put his full support behind the NHS Long Term Plan, as well as behind the NHS’ suggested legislative tweaks which will accelerate progress towards a less fragmented and more patientcentredapproach. As part of this, it is imperative that clinical leadership and decision making is maintained within the commissioning function at all levels to create an NHS that is fit for the future, with health and care working together ever more closely.”

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said:

“The Prime Minister’s to-do list is full with NHS issues that need solving now: social care is a national disgrace, NHS pension inflexibilities are lengthening waiting times and a lack of capital funding is hampering hospitals trying to improve services for patients. On top of this, we have 100,000 staff vacancies which are damaging patient care. The Prime Minister has been in post a matter of days but we welcome his early personal commitment to addressing these issues. He needs to act with speed and conviction and we will work with him and his government to help find the right solutions.” 

Read more and download the manifesto.


1 August 2019