Free online training course could save a life

NHS staff are being encouraged to complete a free, online training course in suicide prevention. The training course from the Zero Suicide Alliance takes just 20 minutes and has been endorsed by Prime Minister Theresa May, who has committed £2m of government funding to support the training.

The Zero Suicide Alliance suicide prevention training aims to enable people to identify when someone is experiencing suicidal feelings, to be able to speak out in a supportive manner, and to empower them to signpost the individual to the correct services or support.

NHS Clinical Commissioners are signatories to the International Declaration for Zero Suicide Healthcare and are encouraging all our members and team to join over 200,000 people who have already completed the training.

Dr Phil Moore, Chair of NHSCC’s Mental Health Commissioners’ Network and Deputy Chair (Clinical) of NHS Kingston CCG, said:

“This training is quick, it’s free, and it could save a life. The best thing about it is that everyone can do it – you don’t need any clinical knowledge or background to understand and apply the principles. We have come a long way in terms of awareness, but we can do more. In the NHS we are working to improve services and implement early intervention programmes, but this type of systemic change takes time. You can do this training right now. One life lost to suicide is too many – but if we all do our bit we can make a real difference.”

It is estimated that in 2017 alone there were 5,821 suicides in the UK, and research suggests that 135 people are affected by each suicide, but in many cases is preventable and avoidable.

Take the suicide prevention training here.

4 July 2019