New NHSCC infographic highlights the value executive commissioning nurses bring to local decision-making

wholeNHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) has launched a new infographic today showcasing the expertise and insight that executive commissioning nurses can bring for patients, populations and the system, which will be crucial to implementing patient centred care as the NHS moves towards integrated place-based planning. Members of the NHSCC Nurses’ Forum, the network that represents commissioning nurses, are concerned that variation in levels of nurse involvement in developing integrated systems across the country means that the NHS and patients may be missing out on the vital contribution that executive commissioning nurses can make for local areas.

Since their establishment, CCGs have been required to include a registered nurse on their governing body to expand the clinical knowledge and patient experience of the board. Many CCGs have expanded this role in recognition of the contribution that executive nurses embedded full-time in the day to day decision making of the CCG can make.

Developed by the NHSCC Nurses’ Forum and based on interviews with its members, the infographic highlights five areas in which executive commissioning nurses bring value:

  • Assuring the quality of services
  • Driving cross-organisational relationships
  • Highlighting the patient experience of service delivery
  • Providing leadership for nurses across the local area
  • Providing a commissioning voice for the largest profession in the NHS.

Lorna-Collingwood-BurkeLorna Collingwood-Burke, Chair of NHSCC’s Nurses’ Forum and Chief Nursing Officer, Northern, Eastern and Western Devon and South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Groups, said:

“Across the country clinical commissioning groups are recognising the value that the executive nurse brings to local decision-making and populations. As the NHS system evolves and new structures are established, they can bring a range of skills and experience to the local system that are of considerable value both for the NHS and, importantly, for the patients and the local populations that we serve.”

“The new infographic we have launched today draws attention to the key role the executive commissioning nurse can play as we move towards place-based models of care, particularly when it comes to driving forwards collaboration between organisations, as well as providing leadership and to the largest profession in the NHS within a rapidly changing commissioning environment.”


27 June 2018

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