Delivering a healthier future – how CCGs are leading the way on prevention and early diagnosis

NHSCC have launched a new publication Delivering a healthier future: How CCGs are leading the way on prevention and early diagnosis.

The report showcases a range of innovative case studies from across the country, which demonstrate the difference that clinically led commissioning is making, with the projects featured only made possible through the influence, expertise and local knowledge brought by frontline GPs and clinicians.


NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens, who provided the foreword for the report, welcomed it saying:

“The case studies in this report show commissioners across the country are taking prevention and early diagnosis seriously. It’s heartening to see that CCGs are driving improvements in a wide range of areas including mental health care, early diagnosis of cancer and stroke prevention.”

Dr Amanda Doyle, NHSCC co-chair and Chief Clinical Officer of Blackpool CCG said:Amanda Doyle 1 May 2014

“There can be a real temptation in today’s stretched NHS to hunker down, to try to deal as best we can with what’s in front of us, and leave tomorrow to take care of itself. However, while we know that there are very real immediate pressures that need to be dealt with we also know we have to plan for the future.

This report shows that CCGs are doing just that. They are taking a longer-term view and focusing on early diagnosis and prevention rising to the challenge of making long-term transformative changes to ensure a sustainable and effective NHS for patients and local populations.”

Focusing on prevention and early diagnosis, the case studies in this publication show that even in challenging times, CCGs are bringing together all the players in their local areas to drill down to the very essence of what populations want and need – and how it can be achieved. They show how CCGs:DHF front cover

Are taking the lead in preventing illness and the causes of ill health – and working to keep people out of hospital where possible

  • In South Worcestershire, proactively working with older people living with frailty shows promise in preventing A&E attendance and hospital admissions.
  • In Brighton and Hove, the preventing premature mortality audit is combining data with the stories of people’s care to gain insight into how early deaths could be prevented.
  • In Blackpool, work is being carried out to prevent people getting type 2 diabetes – and to support those who have been diagnosed to manage their condition.
  • In Chorley and South Ribble and Greater Preston, efforts are being made to prevent hospital admissions in people with COPD – and to prevent c. difficile infections in the community.
  • In South Kent, working with the voluntary sector is helping to ensure that people who wouldn’t normally access health services are getting care such as flu vaccines.

Are helping to ensure that people are diagnosed earlier and given the support that they need

  • In West Hampshire and Barnsley, CCGs are focusing on atrial fibrillation as part of comprehensive efforts to prevent stroke.
  • In Camden, the CCG is using peer educators to improve cancer awareness throughout the borough, particularly in areas of high deprivation and in the Bengali population.
  • In Corby, the CCG is leading the way in earlier diagnosis and prevention of HIV and AIDS.

Are working across boundaries to build on what people want and need to help them lead longer, healthier lives

  • In Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees, commissioners are working with the voluntary sector to build resilient communities that live longer, healthier lives.
  • In Cornwall, the Living Well project is bringing together health, social care, the voluntary sector and communities to help people take control of their lives.
  • In Gloucestershire, the CCG is using social prescribing to build on patients’ strengths and desires to improve health and wellbeing.

Dr Steve Kell, NHSCC co-chair and Clinical Chair of Bassetlaw CCG, said:steve

Delivering a healthier future highlights how CCGs across England are following the vision of the Five Year Forward View and putting prevention at the forefront of their efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of their local populations. There are inspiring examples of real-life projects that are already having an impact and truly demonstrate the positive difference that local clinically led commissioning can have for patients and communities.

27 January 2016

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