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NHSCC launch new report on excellence in diabetes care commissioning

27 April 2017

We have launched a new publication Excellence in commissioning diabetes care showcasing examples of where clinically led commissioning is changing the way diabetes care is commissioned and improving people’s lives. The document draws out lessons from those involved in the projects to share and embed for the future.

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House of Lords Select Committee report on NHS sustainability highlights the need for true transformation

05 April 2017

Responding to the final report from the Lords Select Committee on the Long-term Sustainability of the NHS, Dr Amanda Doyle co-chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners and clinical chief officer of Blackpool CCG said:

“As the Committee recognises, the continued focus on short-term solutions will not deliver a sustainable health system able to cope with the demands placed on it. Only true transformation with a significant reduction in expensive hospital activity and focus on prevention combined with a coherent long-term national workforce strategy will do that.”

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NHS Clinical Commissioners responds to Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View

31 March 2017

Commenting on the NHS’ Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View Dr Graham Jackson, Co-chair NHS Clinical Commissioners and Clinical Chair of NHS Aylesbury Vale CCG said: “We welcome the next iteration of the Five Year Forward View and are pleased to see recognition of how far clinical commissioning has come since its publication in 2014. Strong strategic clinical commissioning is critical if we are to do our best for patients and communities and it must continue to be supported.

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NHSCC calls for national support to release up to £400m NHS spending to use on high priority areas

28 March 2017

CCGs are asking for national support to release up to £400m of NHS spending to use in high priority areas such as mental health and primary care rather than spending it on products and medicines currently available on prescriptions which offer no or limited clinical benefit to patients or could otherwise be considered as lower priority for NHS funding.

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NHSCC responds to the CQC's fee increase announcement

10 March 2017

The Care Quality Commission has today announced that they plan to substantially increase their fees. This is a move that we, along with many others in the sector argued against in our response to their consultation on the matter.

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NHSCC responds to the Spring Budget 2017

08 March 2017

Our response to the Spring Budget 2017 welcomes the new money for social care, but cautions that a long-term solution is needed. It further sets out that while this will help relieve demand on the NHS pressures still remain, and  we still need an open, honest debate on what the health service can be expected to deliver with its current level of funding

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Immediate extra funding for social care and a frank admission of what the NHS can deliver are crucial

06 March 2017

Ahead of Wednesday’s budget, alongside the the NHS Confederation and the Mental Health Network, we have called on the government to admit that the health service cannot provide everything for everybody with current levels of funding. We have also called for immediate extra funding for social care and a commitment to deal with longer term funding issues for both health and social care.

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NHSCC responds to King's Fund report on sustainability and transformation plans

21 February 2017

Responding to the King’s Fund report ‘Delivering sustainability and transformation plans Julie Wood, chief executive of NHS Clinical Commissioners said:

“STPs provide a real opportunity to drive collaboration across the health and care system for the benefit of local people, but if they are to succeed it is critical that we get governance and engagement right.

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NHSCC welcomes the Thrive West Midlands action plan

31 January 2017

Dr Phil Moore, Chair of NHSCC’s Mental Health Commissioners Network said:

“The Thrive West Midlands action plan shows impressive commitment from key organisations across health, care and the wider system who are working together to promote good mental health in the region.”

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