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NHSCC respond to Independent Review of the Mental Health Act

06 December 2018

Responding to the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act, Dr Phil Moore, chair of NHSCC’s Mental Health Commissioners’ Network and Deputy Chair of NHS Kingston CCG, said: “The Independent Review of the Mental Health Act presents a fundamental shift in mental health care, putting service users at the heart of making decisions about the care they receive.”

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Evidence Based Interventions Programme: Implementation guidance published

29 November 2018

Following yesterday’s NHS England board meeting, new implementation guidance was published today relating to the 17 items considered in the Evidence Based Interventions (EBI) programme. We have been working in collaboration with NHS England, NICE, CQC, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the relevant Royal Colleges on this important area of work for commissioners and the wider health system.

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NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners launch further consultation on prescribable items of low priority for NHS funding

28 November 2018

At the NHS England board meeting today, our new joint consultation with NHS England was published. The consultation contains recommendations on 8 new items which have the potential to release £68m per year to spend on higher priority areas.

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NHSCC co-chair responds to £3.5bn boost to primary and community health

22 November 2018

Dr Barbara Rushton, co-chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners, responds to the announcement that primary and community health care will get an investment worth £3.5 billion a year by 2023/4.

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Increase in children and young people's mental health problems has serious implications for commissioners

22 November 2018

Dr Phil Moore, chair of NHSCC’s Mental Health Commissioners’ Network responds to the findings of the Survey of the Mental Health of Children and Young People, which show that one in eight five-19 year olds had a mental disorder in 2017.

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Non-executive community network pilot sites announced

15 November 2018

NHS England, NHS Improvement and NHS Clinical Commissioners announced the identification of nine pilot sites that will develop local non-executive community networks across the local STP or ICS.

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New report sets out shared vision for place-based, person-centred health and care

14 November 2018

A new report, published today by a group of organisations including NHS Clinical Commissioners, sets out a refreshed commitment to transforming health, care and wellbeing services to improve people’s health and care.

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It's Self Care Week

13 November 2018

Find out how NHSCC is supporting Self Care Week, and how clinical commissioners can get involved.

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NHSCC Chief Executive responds to BMJ investigation into the availability of Freestyle Libre

09 November 2018

In response to the recent BMJ investigation in to CCG commissioning policies regarding the availability of Freestyle Libra glucose monitoring device for patients with type 1 diabetes, Julie Wood, Chief Executive of NHSCC said:

“Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are led by GPs whose first priority is always to the patient. Wherever possible they want to give them what they need, including flash glucose scanning systems to support people with Type 1 Diabetes to be able to self manage their condition.”


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Prevention ambition cannot be achieved without significant investment

06 November 2018

Today the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, unveiled the government’s vision that would put prevention at the heart of the NHS. NHSCC co-chair Barbara Rushton responded.

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