Webinar: Improving early diagnosis of cancer in primary care

Webinar: Improving early diagnosis of cancer in primary care

Event Details

  • Venue : Webinar
  • Date : 20 January 2020
  • Event Time : 12:30-1:30pm

1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Currently half are diagnosed in the late stages, with less than 20% surviving to 5 years. A fifth of cancers are still diagnosed in A&E with less than 40% of these patients surviving to 1 year. NHS England estimates that early diagnosis of cancer can save over 50,000 lives and £200m per year. 

Join the webinar to learn more about the early diagnosis of cancer in primary care, the C the Signs tool, and how to improve cancer pathways and access in your local area. Register today.

Confirmed speaker: Dr Bea Bakshi, founder, C the Signs

Chaired by Sarah Miller, Assistant Director: Communications, NHS Clinical Commissioners

All attendees of the webinar will be able to have free trial access of the C the Signs tool ahead of the meeting – just email Dr Bakshi at bbakshi@cthesigns.net

About C the Signs

C the Signs is an evidence-based clinical tool (available as app, desktop & through your EHR) commissioned by CCGs, STPs and cancer alliances, and used by GPs to improve early identification and management of patients at risk of cancer in primary care. Covering the entire spectrum of cancer and cross-referencing all cancer pathways, the tool can identify which cancer(s) a patient is at risk of and what test, investigation or referral they may need.

The tool provides a low-cost solution to improve appropriateness of cancer referrals and improve the use of cheaper diagnostic tests and pathways. This is achieved through the use of intelligent referring, grounded by the NICE NG12 Guidelines, and fully configured to each CCG to reflect the cancer services and pathways available locally as well as making better use of rapid diagnostic centres and vague symptom pathways. The tool embeds all referral forms and patient information leaflets – recommending each when a pathway is indicated and ensuring referral forms are appropriately completed. The tool also embeds all pre-hospital workup required locally for each pathway in addition to where services can be accessed.

The tool has demonstrated a clinical benefit to improving cancer detection rates, reducing A&E emergency presentation rates, and has seen improvements in the 14 and 62 day waiting time standard.

It’s good for patients, solves the challenge of diagnostic uncertainty and huge administrative burden for GPs, and makes diagnosing cancer more cost effective for CCGs – reducing the costs associated with late stage disease and inappropriate referrals.