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The NHS Confederation owns this website. Please refer to the NHS Confederation’s privacy policy terms separately. The NHS Confederation does not use cookies to store or process personal information about you.  This notice applies to the NHS Clinical Commissioners website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are placed on the hard drive of your computer when you visit websites. Almost every website which uses advanced features uses cookies. Cookies are used to make websites work, to help them to work more effectively, and to provide website owners with analytics so they can improve website experiences.

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Can I turn off cookies?

Some people find the idea of a website storing information on their device intrusive. Although generally harmless, you might not want to see advertising targeted to your interests or want websites to recommend information.

Important: if you choose to disable cookies, a number of important functions and services could be unavailable to you and our websites might not operate correctly in your browser.

All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. You can usually find these settings in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu. To understand these settings, the following links may be helpful, or select the use the ‘help’ option in your browser for more details.

If you’re concerned about third party cookies generated by advertisers, you can turn them off by going to the Your Online Choices site.

To opt-out of third-parties collecting data regarding your interaction on our website, please refer to instructions on their website for further information.

What cookies does the NHS Confederation use?


We use several cookies across our websites to provide you with the best browsing experience and help you find information that is useful to you.

  • Analytics and reporting – We may use cookies to understand how you use our website including what webpage you entered the website on and how many pages you have browsed. This helps us to improve our websites through analytical reporting. We use Google Analytics cookies in this way. Cookies used in this way are anonymous and the NHS Confederation will not use cookies to store or process personal information about you. Read more about Google cookies.
  • Recommended content – On some of our websites, we use anonymous cookies to recommend content that we feel may be of interest to you based on your previous browser information. For example, if you have browsed content on a specific topic, we might let you know about an upcoming and related event
  • Embedded content – On some pages, we use plugins or embedded media to deliver engaging experiences. For example, we may embed YouTube videos, an online form, an image or an interactive quiz. The platform owners of embedded content (e.g. YouTube) may set cookies on your device when you visit the pages that display this content. These third-party cookies are delivered on behalf of their respective organisations are beyond the control of the NHS Confederation. You should refer to third party websites for information about these types of cookies.

We may use persistent third-party cookies to target advertisements to you on the internet after you have visited our websites and as you browse the internet. These adverts will relate to NHS Confederation services or events that you may have expressed an interest in. We will not contact you directly without consent given. Advertising cookies are anonymous and don’t’ sore your personal data. They enable us to see how many people have seen our advertisements and have clicked on them. Companies that generate these cookies have their own privacy policies.

Some anonymous session information may also be collected and with help from third-parties gives us an understanding of how people are using the website and enable us to target our advertisements better.

Links to other sites
This website may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for cookie, privacy or content on websites not owned by the NHS Confederation.

Cookie audit

We have carried out an audit of our use of cookies to enable compliance with an amendment made to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. This audit was completed in May 2018.


Please see below cookies that are being used on the website.

Name: cookieconsent_status
Purpose: Set by the cookie notification banner to hide it once acknowledged.

Name: wp-settings-2, wp-settings-time-2
Purpose: These cookies verify if you are logged in to the site or not, they provide a core piece of functionality for this website.

Name:_ga, _gid, _gat
Purpose: Set and used by Google Analytics to provide user activity statistics.

Name: PREF, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, VSC, demographics
Purpose: Set and used by YouTube as we embed videos served by YouTube within our site

Name: bp-activityoldestpage, bp-members-scope, bp-members-filter, bp_completed_create_steps, bp_new_group_id
Purpose: Used to store users’ search, filter and order options.

Name: wpe-auth
Purpose: Manages user sessions.


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