Response to the tariff engagement survey on key areas of work for the 2020 national tariff

We have responded to NHS England and NHS Improvement’s tariff engagement survey on key areas of work for the 2020 national tariff. Our response draws on the views and expertise of NHSCC’s members, including our Finance Forum, which is the representative group for CCG Chief Finance Officers.

Our response makes the following key points:

  • Proposals to change current payment systems in order to promote collaboration and system working are strongly welcomed. We are therefore supportive of the principles behind significant parts of the tariff engagement document, including moves to blended payment.
  • There is a need to work closely with clinical commissioners to take proposals for the 2020 tariff forward – especially as the deadline for this consultation coincided with deadlines for local five-year strategic plans and provided minimal time for commissioners to respond. NHSCC welcomes the opportunity to work with our members and NHS England and NHS Improvement as proposals progress.

We also respond to proposals to introduce blended payment to additional service areas, which form a large part of the tariff engagement survey. While we see that a blended payment approach has the potential to support ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan by incentivising collaborative working, there are a number of key points that should be considered across all of the proposed service areas:

  • There is a need to consider and share any learning from the introduction of blended payment for emergency care and adult mental health services in 2019/20.
  • There is a need to ensure that timescales for rolling out blended payment approaches to additional areas are realistic.
  • Support from NHS England and NHS Improvement is required, including the provision of clear national guidance.

In addition to these comments, we emphasised the need to provide stability – setting a multi-year tariff and rolling over price-relatives from 2019/20 would support this. Further detail is provided in our full consultation response, which you can download here.

Download Consultation response