Response to the consultation on the Primary Care Network – Direct Enhanced Service Draft Service Specifications

On behalf of CCGs we have developed a national response to the NHS England and NHS Improvement consultation on the Primary Care Network – Direct Enhanced Service Draft Outline Service Specifications. We had very strong feedback on the draft specifications from CCG primary care leads and medicines optimisation leads and have reflected the strength of feeling in our national response.

We have highlighted a number of critical areas of concern to NHS England and NHS Improvement, these are:

  • While we support phased implementation, we feel the specification is moving primary care networks too fast in 2020/21 and so further phasing is needed.
  • We are concerned that the specifications risk destabilising the PCN model locally and the morale of the workforce.
  • We have called for more local flexibility on the specifications where CCGs have local best practice.
  • There needs to be much more clarity around the funding flows and investment for CCGs to support PCNs.
  • There are significant workforce and capacity issues in primary care that must be addressed before the specifications can be delivered.
  • There must be more of a focus on outcomes and reaching different cohorts of the population who have complex needs.
  • That future engagement and consultation around the specifications must be improved to allow CCGs enough time to work with practices to understand how the specifications will work on the ground.

Please note we developed our response before the HSJ exclusive on 14 Jan which highlighted that significant changes to the specifications were to be made.

15 January 2020

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