Evidence-Based Interventions (EBI) Programme

Clinical evidence shows some interventions are only appropriate when they are performed in specific circumstances and as such do not represent good stewardship of finite NHS resources. As medicine evolves, safer and more effective treatments are developed which can reduce the risk of harm to patients, free up precious clinical time and make space for innovation in clinical practice.

The Evidence-Based Interventions (EBI) programme is a partnership between NHSCC, NHS England & Improvement, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and NICE. It aims to reduce referrals for interventions that evidence shows should not be commissioned or only commissioned if certain clinical criteria are met.

There are 17 interventions included in the EBI programme: four that should not be routinely offered to patients unless there are exceptional circumstances and 13 interventions that should only be offered to patients when certain clinical criteria are met.


Together, the partner organisations have published a set of patient leaflets and explanatory videos to help health professionals, patients and the public understand the EBI programme and the interventions that are currently included in the guidance. Find out more here.

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