Sharing learning from the Core Cities

This series of case studies from the Core Cities Network follows the local areas’ journey towards delivering more integrated approaches to health and care. The first two case studies were published in November 2018, with more to be added over the next two years.

The Core Cities Network is a peer-led network representing clinical commissioning groups from the eight core cities in England outside London – Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Newcastle, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

We hope the case studies will be an opportunity to share learning and follow the progress of integrated health and care systems across the country as they develop. Find out more about the Core Cities Network.

Clinical Engagement and Collaboration – Newcastle Gateshead CCG

This case study explores the value of clinical engagement and collaboration, as well as the challenges and benefits from working across different geographies. Download the case study.

The Greater Nottingham Transformation Partnership – Nottingham City CCG, Nottingham North & East CCG, Nottingham West CCG, and Rushcliffe CCG

This case study looks at how commissioners and providers in Nottingham used the results of system-wide actuarial analysis to develop a framework that improves care, infrastructure and governance. Download the case study.