Rachael Ellis

Rachael Ellis

Role : Chief Officer, NHS Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG; West Midlands Regional Director for Integrated Urgent and Emergency Care

Rachael is a Chief Officer for Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG as well as being the West Midlands regional director for Integrated Urgent and Emergency Care on behalf of 20 CCGs. She joined the CCG in 2017, overseeing the implementation of the first Integrated Urgent Care Service in the Country, including the associated development of the first Alliance of Urgent Care providers working as one system.

Prior to joining the CCG Rachael worked for the Department of Health as the original service designer for 111 and led the national roll out of 111 which was completed in 2014. Since then Rachael has driven the true integration of Urgent Care Services across the 6 million population of the West Midlands and is now spearheading the integration of Urgent and Emergency care across IUC and 999 services. Rachael is the commissioning representative for the National Ambulance Resilience Unit and co-chair of the Ambulance Mental Health steering group.

In her spare time Rachael loves to travel and is a local magistrate.

Rachael is Chair of our National Ambulance Commissioners’ Network.