NHSCC leads the engagement function with CCGs which was previously undertaken by the NHS Commissioning Assembly. The new engagement process aims to ensure that CCGs have every opportunity to be involved in NHS England’s work at a national level by creating clearer and more systematic and representative ways of working.

This will support NHSCC’s principles by promoting the active engagement of CCGs in shaping national policy and wider initiatives and giving a stronger voice to the CCG community. The engagement work will not affect NHSCC’s role as the independent membership organisation for CCGs, and it will supplement the organisation’s work to provide CCGs with a strong collective voice.

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NHSCC’s role is to manage the process of engagement, and ensure that the right people are involved while gathering peer group views and feedback. Involvement in this process does not mean that NHSCC endorses or approves specific pieces of work or outputs.

The engagement process is aimed at the strategic groups covered by NHS England’s business plan objectives. The Commissioning Policy Unit at NHS England is responsible for receiving requests internally, and NHSCC will manage the process of distributing requests and gathering feedback. The aim is to make it a two-way process, where those volunteering to participate gather views from colleagues and in turn give feedback about the work being done.

The level of engagement required – senior management level, expert level or general CCG engagement – determines who will be approached, which communications channels will be used and the level of feedback requested from participants.

NHSCC will channel requests from NHS England for CCG engagement through existing bulletins going out to senior management and specialised member networks.  NHSCC has also launched Engage, an  engagement bulletin which goes out to all CCGs, including those that are not NHSCC members. Requests for CCG engagement in this bulletin include not only work led by NHS England but also the other arm’s length bodies, as well as national organisations and NHSCC.

If you want to get involved or have any questions about the engagement work, please contact us at office@nhscc.org.