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NHS Clinical Commissioners is the membership organisation of clinical commissioning groups. Our job is to help you get the best healthcare and health outcomes for your communities and patients.

We’re giving you a strong, influencing voice from the frontline to the wider NHS, national bodies, government, parliament and the media. We’re building new networks where you can share experience.

Read our infographic which busts some of the myths around CCG finances.


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17 October 2018

NHSCC welcome decision to simplify CQUIN

Responding to a letter from NHS England and NHS Improvement confirming changes to CQUIN schemes, Julie Wood, chief executive of NHS Clinical Commissioners, said:

“We are pleased that NHS England and NHS Improvement have made the decision to simplify CQUIN from April 2019, something we called for earlier this year on behalf of our members.”

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12 October 2018

New infographic sets out reality of the NHS funding settlement

A new infographic published jointly by NHSCC, NHS Providers and NHS Confederation looks at the reality of the funding settlement that the NHS has received for the next five years, what it will mean in practice and what we need to deliver it.

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09 October 2018

NHSCC respond to payment reform proposals for 2019/20

Responding to the launch of an engagement process for proposed payment reforms, Henry Black, co-chair of NHSCC’s Finance Forum and Chief Finance Officer, East London Health and Care Partnership, said: “We welcome the proposals by NHS England and NHS Improvement to support greater integration and move away from payment systems that focus on individual organisations and instead seek to incentivise system working.”

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01 November 2018

NHSCC National Members’ Event: Integrating the future of health and care

This year the NHSCC national members’ event for CCG leaders will focus on the future of integrated health and care.

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01 November 2018

NHSCC Finance Forum national event: Delivering now and for the future

The NHSCC Finance Forum national event offers an opportunity for CCG CFOs to come together and hear from national leaders and influence the direction of travel, share best practice, and network with colleagues from across the country.

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03 December 2018

Lay members and strategic commissioning – NHSCC Lay Members Network National Event 2018

The NHSCC Lay Members Network national event takes place on 3 December in London.

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